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Frequently Asked Questions

Here's everything we think you should know

No Matter Where You Are, Where You're Going, or What You're Storing BLUBOX Storage Containers Can Handle It


How much does it cost to rent a BLUBOX storage unit?

Storing a BLUBOX container at your property starts from $165 a month. There is no minimum or maximum stay. You can rent a BLUBOX storage container for as long as you need.


Can I access my BLUBOX container while it's in storage?

Yes! You can access your storage unit during normal business hours – at no charge.


I'm not moving. Can I still use BLUBOX?

Absolutely! Our customers use BLUBOX storage containers for more than just moving, including:

  • Renovating
  • Selling a home
  • Downsizing
  • Businesses
  • Construction

If you need to store it, BLUBOX can do it.

Our prices can’t be beat! Call us now!

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